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Make Google As Your Default Search Engine in 3 Easy Steps

February 23, 2013 8 comments


When you install any toolbars, or  any search engine add-ons, they change your default  search engine in your browser. You can change it to Google search engine easily. Follow the easy and quick steps to change your search engine back to Google in your browser.

3 Easy Steps to Make Google as Default Search Engine:

Here the steps have been given to change the search engine in Firefox 10 and above, Internet Explorer 9, chrome, and Opera. First I start with Firefox.


Make Google Your Search Engine in Firefox

This change is particularly for keyword search in Address- bar, (Tip: In search box you can simply select Google which automatically sets your selection as default search). Follow the simple steps to set default search engine in Firefox.

  1. Type about:config in address bar
  2. Search for keyword.url from the filter box
  3. Double click on this entry, and type , click Okay

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Make Google Your Search Engine in Internet Explorer

Follow the simple steps to set default search engine in IE

  1. Go to Tools > Manage add-ons
  2. Select Search Providers in ‘Addon Types‘  pane
  3. Select Google on right pane, right-click and click ‘Set as default’

Tip: Do you have Google Search Provider in Internet Explorer 10?

If  not, Learn how to  add Google as the search provider in Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8, See  How to Add Google Search Provider for Internet Explorer


Make Google Your Search Engine in Chrome

Follow the simple steps to set default search engine in Chrome

  1. Go to Tools > Settings
  2. Click on ‘Manage search engines…’ under search section
  3. Mouse over Google Icon in the window , check and click on ‘Make default’ marker


Make Google Your Search Engine in Opera

Follow the simple steps to set default search engine in Opera

  1. Click Ctrl + F12 which opens the ‘Preferences‘ window
  2. Goto Search tab > Select Google > Click Edit which opens Search Engine window
  3. Click on ‘Details’, and check on use as default Search Engine

The same steps can be followed to make any of your favorite search engine as default search engine. Instead of Google you can just select your favorite search engine and follow the same steps to make it the default search engine on your browser.

Please note that this article has been written based on the latest version of the internet browsers as of 2013.

There may be minor changes in future updates but readers can follow the similar steps to make Google your default search engine in any of the browsers.

Your can share your experiences or any other search engine related issues in the comments section below so that others can be benefited or may provide you further assistance.

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Best Private Search Engine On The Internet – Duck Duck Go

February 21, 2013 4 comments


Why to search on Google that track your private data and make business out of it. Lets try a private search engine that don’t track your data over internet and respects your online privacy.

Whatever you search on Google, Yahoo, or Bing they always tracking your information like your IP address, your online search terms, interests etc in the form of cookies which will be shared with other websites or third parties for trading and marketing purposes.

What is Private Search ?

Your activites will be tracked by the search engines and you even don’t know what is being tracked. You may skip the storing of the cookies by doing private browsing in your internet browser like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari; but even then they do not completely prevent your information sharing online.

Private Search is a default feature in private search engines which completely keeps your privacy safe. With private search, your search information will never be shared with any other third parties or websites.

Private Search or Privacy Search ?

Here we talk about one of the best private search engines on the internet. A private search engine sometimes called privacy search engine as well. Private Search or Privacy search referrers the same in most cases.

Duck Duck Go: A Private Search Engine

Duck Duck Go is a different private search engine , it prevents search leakage by default. when you click on any of its results it does not store or share your data with other websites, they even don’t know your IP address.

Using Duck Duck Go as your Private Search engine completely eliminates third party sharing of your personal information, when you think of Private Search, think of Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck Go Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is the key that tells how do the keep the privacy of the users, Duck Duck Go has very clean privacy policy  you can take a look at it here : privacy policy

For a complete information on how search engines tracks user information, you should check which is very informative and it is a famous page on StumbleUpon.

Duck Duck Go Add-Ons:

The best part of Duck Duck Go is that it has all kind of Add-Ons which can be installed on all major internet browsers. When you visit the home page, you can see an option to install the DuckDuckGo add-on options


This add-on sets your default search to DuckDuckGo Private Search, but you can always change your default search engine back to Google or continue to try it for some days.

Firefox Add-On for Duck Duck Go (NO RESTART)

You can add this directly from home page as shown above or you can add this Firefox add-on (No Restart) which is more enhanced version as shown below.


Duck Duck Go Goodies:

Goodies is another feature that let you quickly do certain thing like Math, Geek, Music related things.


For example you may like to look for popular songs, graphical equations, or want to try simple calculation like 123 * 3445 etc. This feature offers very interesting all-in-one tools which you can give it a try and it is fun.

Click here to Visit : Duck Duck Go

Check out Goodies here : DuckDuckGo Goodies

So It is best to use Duck Duck Go as your default Private Search engine to keep your privacy safe than using non private search engines.

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