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Change Google Search Provider for Internet Explorer

February 26, 2013 9 comments


The default search provider in internet explorer on windows 7, windows 8 or Microsoft Surface is Bing. In IE 10 You can change Google as your search engine in simple steps.

Change search provider in IE 10

Changing the default search provider in internet explorer is easy, simply follow these steps which will help you to quickly set your search provider to Google search in internet explorer 10.

  1. Click here on IE-Gallary to goto IE Addons page
  2. Click on Google icon which takes to Google search add-on page
  3. Click on ‘Add to Internet Explorer‘ button
  4. You now see ‘Add Search Provider‘ window,   please check Make this my default search provider  and click ‘Add‘ button

The above steps to change search provider  in internet explorer explained below with screen shots, Once you land on the Gallery page (Step 1 in the above),  follow as per the below screen-shots to easily navigate to the Google search provider add-on.

Click on Google Search Image



In the next page click on ‘Add to Internet Explorer‘ button


Now you will see ‘Add Search Provider’ window,

Now click on Make this my default search provider  check box and click ‘Add‘ button


You can follow the same steps to change the default search provider  to Google in internet explorer 8, and Internet Explorer 9 as well.

However, Internet Explorer 10 may not use the new search provider until you close and reopen it. so close and re-open your browser to use your Google search provider.

If you’re using Internet Explorer on  a Microsoft Surface, swipe down from the top to bottom of your screen to re-open. Then you can see Google as your default search provider for Intent Explorer 10.

I hope this article helped you change your default search provider for Internet Explorer, please share  your thoughts or issues in the comments section which may help other readers.

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