Top 10 Free AntiVirus Downloads for Windows

March 22, 2013 1 comment


Choosing best free antivirus downloads is a good idea. You can make your PC completely safe with free antivirus downloads. List of Top free antivirus downloads given here to choose from a variety of software programs to make your windows PC safe and secure.

Top 10 Free AntiVirus Downloads

Since the recent release of windows 8 most of the top free antivirus downloads are updated or made compatible to windows 8 as well.

Though some of free Antivirus programs are still available for windows 7, xp and other windows platforms. So choose the free antivirus downloads accordingly.

The free antivirus downloads here listed are updated for latest Windows 8, though they work on Windows 7 as well.

Free Antivirus downloads for Windows 8

Following is the list of free antivirus downloads compatible to windows 8. These free antivirus downloads are reviewed and tested by AV-TEST, So Only final and released versions of the free antivirus products are included.

  1. AVG AntiVirus Free
  2. Avast Free Antivirus
  3. ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall
  4. Comodo Antivirus
  5. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition
  6. Panda Cloud Antivirus (Free Edition)
  7. Avira Free Antivirus  (Not Reviewed by AV-TEST)

The free antivirus downloads list continue to some of the open source antivirus downloads.

The Avira Free Antivirus is not part of AV Test, but added in the list as this is also available to download for free.

Open Source Antivirus downloads for Windows 8

Following list will provide you the best of open source antivirus software you can download.

Free Antivirus for Windows 7

There is one free antivirus software available from Microsoft to download, called
Microsoft Security Essentials‘. This free antivirus program is risk free and designed it to be simple and easy to use.

This Microsoft free antivirus program runs quietly and efficiently in the background so you don’t have to worry about interruptions or making updates.

Download this free antivirus program from the following Microsoft website.

Remember this program supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, and XP only

It makes it easy for you to download these free antivirus software which suites to your windows platform according to the specifications provided in the site listings. please check accordingly.

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10 Life Inspiring Quotes for Spring Season

March 11, 2013 5 comments

Spring-Season- FlowersSpring is the time of renewal of plant life. Like spring, life inspiring quotes helps you awaken fresh thoughts.These quotes inspire your life and keep you motivated throughout the spring season.

Life inspiring Ideas for Spring

The Rejuvenation Time: Spring is the time for life inspiring ideas for rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal and regrowth of life.

English: Mian Khan beautiful landscapes at the...

English: Mian Khan beautiful landscapes at the start spring season (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The world around us is comes to life again and now is the time to renew, recharge and freshen up the world around us.

Spotting a hummingbird, watching bees land on flowers, rearing tadpoles into frogs are some fun activities for this season.

Also the number of daylight hours increases during spring, and in many countries, people celebrate spring festivals.

Life Inspiring Quotes:

While the nature around us rejuvenating itself, and so we need to keep up the momentum with life inspiring quotes.

With these life inspiring quotes by famous people  you can feel the wonderment and excitement about life.

All these life inspiring quotes are specially compiled for this season which may give you inspiring thoughts.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These life inspiring quotes gives you an inspiration to keep you excited and a good hope to start something new or a mindful thought to keep you inspired.

More Spring Quotes to Cherish Your Day (Video)

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Change Google Search Provider for Internet Explorer

February 26, 2013 9 comments


The default search provider in internet explorer on windows 7, windows 8 or Microsoft Surface is Bing. In IE 10 You can change Google as your search engine in simple steps.

Change search provider in IE 10

Changing the default search provider in internet explorer is easy, simply follow these steps which will help you to quickly set your search provider to Google search in internet explorer 10.

  1. Click here on IE-Gallary to goto IE Addons page
  2. Click on Google icon which takes to Google search add-on page
  3. Click on ‘Add to Internet Explorer‘ button
  4. You now see ‘Add Search Provider‘ window,   please check Make this my default search provider  and click ‘Add‘ button

The above steps to change search provider  in internet explorer explained below with screen shots, Once you land on the Gallery page (Step 1 in the above),  follow as per the below screen-shots to easily navigate to the Google search provider add-on.

Click on Google Search Image



In the next page click on ‘Add to Internet Explorer‘ button


Now you will see ‘Add Search Provider’ window,

Now click on Make this my default search provider  check box and click ‘Add‘ button


You can follow the same steps to change the default search provider  to Google in internet explorer 8, and Internet Explorer 9 as well.

However, Internet Explorer 10 may not use the new search provider until you close and reopen it. so close and re-open your browser to use your Google search provider.

If you’re using Internet Explorer on  a Microsoft Surface, swipe down from the top to bottom of your screen to re-open. Then you can see Google as your default search provider for Intent Explorer 10.

I hope this article helped you change your default search provider for Internet Explorer, please share  your thoughts or issues in the comments section which may help other readers.

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Make Google As Your Default Search Engine in 3 Easy Steps

February 23, 2013 8 comments


When you install any toolbars, or  any search engine add-ons, they change your default  search engine in your browser. You can change it to Google search engine easily. Follow the easy and quick steps to change your search engine back to Google in your browser.

3 Easy Steps to Make Google as Default Search Engine:

Here the steps have been given to change the search engine in Firefox 10 and above, Internet Explorer 9, chrome, and Opera. First I start with Firefox.


Make Google Your Search Engine in Firefox

This change is particularly for keyword search in Address- bar, (Tip: In search box you can simply select Google which automatically sets your selection as default search). Follow the simple steps to set default search engine in Firefox.

  1. Type about:config in address bar
  2. Search for keyword.url from the filter box
  3. Double click on this entry, and type , click Okay

Idea! Don’t click here  If you Know How to Try Facebook Graph Search ( Infographic )


Make Google Your Search Engine in Internet Explorer

Follow the simple steps to set default search engine in IE

  1. Go to Tools > Manage add-ons
  2. Select Search Providers in ‘Addon Types‘  pane
  3. Select Google on right pane, right-click and click ‘Set as default’

Tip: Do you have Google Search Provider in Internet Explorer 10?

If  not, Learn how to  add Google as the search provider in Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8, See  How to Add Google Search Provider for Internet Explorer


Make Google Your Search Engine in Chrome

Follow the simple steps to set default search engine in Chrome

  1. Go to Tools > Settings
  2. Click on ‘Manage search engines…’ under search section
  3. Mouse over Google Icon in the window , check and click on ‘Make default’ marker


Make Google Your Search Engine in Opera

Follow the simple steps to set default search engine in Opera

  1. Click Ctrl + F12 which opens the ‘Preferences‘ window
  2. Goto Search tab > Select Google > Click Edit which opens Search Engine window
  3. Click on ‘Details’, and check on use as default Search Engine

The same steps can be followed to make any of your favorite search engine as default search engine. Instead of Google you can just select your favorite search engine and follow the same steps to make it the default search engine on your browser.

Please note that this article has been written based on the latest version of the internet browsers as of 2013.

There may be minor changes in future updates but readers can follow the similar steps to make Google your default search engine in any of the browsers.

Your can share your experiences or any other search engine related issues in the comments section below so that others can be benefited or may provide you further assistance.

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Best Private Search Engine On The Internet – Duck Duck Go

February 21, 2013 4 comments


Why to search on Google that track your private data and make business out of it. Lets try a private search engine that don’t track your data over internet and respects your online privacy.

Whatever you search on Google, Yahoo, or Bing they always tracking your information like your IP address, your online search terms, interests etc in the form of cookies which will be shared with other websites or third parties for trading and marketing purposes.

What is Private Search ?

Your activites will be tracked by the search engines and you even don’t know what is being tracked. You may skip the storing of the cookies by doing private browsing in your internet browser like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari; but even then they do not completely prevent your information sharing online.

Private Search is a default feature in private search engines which completely keeps your privacy safe. With private search, your search information will never be shared with any other third parties or websites.

Private Search or Privacy Search ?

Here we talk about one of the best private search engines on the internet. A private search engine sometimes called privacy search engine as well. Private Search or Privacy search referrers the same in most cases.

Duck Duck Go: A Private Search Engine

Duck Duck Go is a different private search engine , it prevents search leakage by default. when you click on any of its results it does not store or share your data with other websites, they even don’t know your IP address.

Using Duck Duck Go as your Private Search engine completely eliminates third party sharing of your personal information, when you think of Private Search, think of Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck Go Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is the key that tells how do the keep the privacy of the users, Duck Duck Go has very clean privacy policy  you can take a look at it here : privacy policy

For a complete information on how search engines tracks user information, you should check which is very informative and it is a famous page on StumbleUpon.

Duck Duck Go Add-Ons:

The best part of Duck Duck Go is that it has all kind of Add-Ons which can be installed on all major internet browsers. When you visit the home page, you can see an option to install the DuckDuckGo add-on options


This add-on sets your default search to DuckDuckGo Private Search, but you can always change your default search engine back to Google or continue to try it for some days.

Firefox Add-On for Duck Duck Go (NO RESTART)

You can add this directly from home page as shown above or you can add this Firefox add-on (No Restart) which is more enhanced version as shown below.


Duck Duck Go Goodies:

Goodies is another feature that let you quickly do certain thing like Math, Geek, Music related things.


For example you may like to look for popular songs, graphical equations, or want to try simple calculation like 123 * 3445 etc. This feature offers very interesting all-in-one tools which you can give it a try and it is fun.

Click here to Visit : Duck Duck Go

Check out Goodies here : DuckDuckGo Goodies

So It is best to use Duck Duck Go as your default Private Search engine to keep your privacy safe than using non private search engines.

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Can we deflect meteors and asteroids? TEDx talk describes how

February 16, 2013 1 comment

TED Blog

It’s a humbling day to be an Earthling. Just sixteen hours before the highly-anticipated flyby of the asteroid 2012 DA14, the skies above the Chelyabinsk region of Russia were shattered by the explosion of an incoming meteor. Although fortunately nobody appears to have been killed by the blast, more than 1,000 people reported injuries, mostly from flying glass and debris.

We know that these objects are out there, but what are scientists doing to locate them? And how would we respond if one were found to be on a collision course with our planet?

At TEDxMarin, Dr. Ed Lu gave a fascinating talk highlighting the efforts that scientists like himself are making to detect and deflect near-Earth objects.

“You don’t need oil miners and Bruce Willis” to push an asteroid off course, says Dr. Lu. “Deflecting asteroids is not that hard. We have the technology to do…

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Meteor Explosion Over Russia

February 15, 2013 Leave a comment

A fireball like meteor exploded on Friday (Feb 15, 2013) over city of Chelyabinsk, Russia 9:30 a.m as reported by Russian meteor was about 50 feet wide and weighed approximately 7,000 tons.

As per Russian Academy of Sciences, The meteor above western Siberia entered the Earth’s atmosphere about 9:20 a.m. local time (10:20 p.m. EST Thursday) at a hypersonic speed of at least 33,000 mph (54,000 kph) and shattered into pieces about 30-50 kilometers (18 to 32 miles)

When I first saw on the news, thought it could be another small meteor that crossed the earth, but it is surprising to know that it is so big  releasing roughly 15 times as much energy as the atomic bomb the United States dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima during World War II according to the news sources.

As a result of The Russian meteor blast around 3,000 buildings in Chelyabinsk were damaged, Mostly with broken glass. At a zinc factory, part of the roof collapsed. , and around 1000 people injured caused by flying glass. Good thing to know that no one is dead.

Some meteorite fragments fell in a reservoir outside the town of Chebarkul, the regional Interior Ministry office said. The strange thing is that the crash left an eight-meter (26-foot) crater in the ice.

Many people thought of this as the end of the world, but don’t need to be afraid of anything about this now.

And as per a recent report the meteor blast in the skies over Russia produced 2.7 magnitude earthquake equivalent the shaking can be appeared on seismograph readings.


Russian meteor Viral Videos:

Instantly this event triggered a lot of viral videos on YouTube and on other channels, you can find some of the interesting videos here.

YouTube Video: Collection)

Russian meteor Photos: find the interesting meteor blast photos on here

Read for More details: check the below sites for more details of this story

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